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Swimming Pool Valves from Top Brands

Swimming pool valves are a key part of any spa or pool system. Just about every major manufacturer offers pool valves from Pentair to Hayward to Zodiac. There are a wide variety of pool valves made for specific tasks. Below we outline a few of the most common types of swimming pool valves.

Types of Pool Valves

Backwash Valve – A backwash valve is attached to a filter and enables you to reverse the water flow back through the filter in order to clear it of sand and debris.
Diverter Valve – With a diverter valve you are able to direct water in a certain way. They typically have two or three ports and come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.
Check Valve – Check valves ensure that water is flowing in a single direction so that debris can be captured. The check valve should be inspected regularly to ensure that the check valve doesn’t back up and water can move freely.
Ball Valves – This simple valve is used to turn pool water on and off.
Pool Valve Actuators – If you have an automated pool system you’ll want to invest in a pool valve actuator. The pool valve actuator is connected to a diverter valve to allow pre-programmed, automated features to function without assistance.
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