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Ball Valves for Swimming Pool Filters

One of the most basic methods for controlling water flow in swimming pools are ball valves. Ball valves for swimming pools use an ‘on and off’ application that makes them a simple mechanism for maintaining proper water flow. Featuring double o-ring stem seals, pool ball valves are used to connect pool plumbing in a controllable manner. Each valve has a single handle in the middle that can be switched to either on or off with a quick twist of the hand.

Whereas old valves were constructed from heavy brass, our Jandy ball valves, available in sizes ranging from less than an inch to four inches, are sturdy and reliable PVC ball valves that feature a clear, easily inspected lid. The PVC material resists chlorine, keeping these valves in good working order longer than many of the other brands on the market. In addition, the Jandy product is a spring-loaded ball valve designed to handle both return and intake water flows. Whether you need a straight-through configuration or a 90 degree valve, we have it. By carefully piecing together several pipes and ball valves, you can create the perfect plumbing system for your swimming pool. We offer free shipping on orders of $79 or more, so be sure to get all of the pool supplies you need all summer long today!