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Wireless Outdoor Speakers are Portable, Water Resistant and Perfect for Entertaining

If you have been looking for a way to outfit your pool or patio with wireless outdoor speakers, we have you covered. With a range of nearly 350 feet around your pool area, including through walls, floors and ceilings, our SoundCast wireless outdoor speaker system brings the party and entertainment to your home swimming pool. With wireless outdoor speaker systems, you can swim, exercise and entertain to your favorite music.

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Known for producing some of the best outdoor wireless speakers on the market, SoundCast can be used with most MP3 players, iPods, and home computer or home audio systems to create high quality, clear sound for your pool or patio. The water-resistant materials make these speakers ideal for nearly anyone who may be using your pool, from children to adults. Best of all, these wireless outdoor speakers are portable, allowing you to move it from the pool area, to the front lawn, or where ever you’re relaxing at the time. The Pool Guy Store offers free shipping on every order over $79!