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Water Exercise Equipment Provides Safe and Effective Workouts

Pools are not just for swimming any more! Take a break from swimming laps with innovative, top of the line pool exercise equipment. Aquatic exercise offers the user increased resistance for an effective workout, as well as reduced impact for sore and aging joints. Water exercise equipment offers the best of both worlds – a workout that’s tough but still easy on the joints. If you enjoy walking, running or riding a bike, try it in the water using some of our swimming pool exercise equipment.
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AqquaWALKING Treadmill AqquaACTIVE Bike Superior
Our Price: $2,999.36
Our Price: $3,106.48
AqquaWALKING Treadmill AqquaACTIVE Bike Superior
Mechanical treadmill designed for aqua walking and running Stationary aquatic bike, recommended for high-performance activities,
with mechanical intensity adjustment.
- Unique, elegant, innovative and functional design.
- Perfect front and rear balance, well-designed bases and four transparent
PVC suction cups ensure maximum stability.
- Wheels on the front base allow easy movement of equipment
during surfacing and movement along pool side
Whether you frequently run on land and are looking for an alternative training method or you find the water to be more soothing for your joints, water aerobics equipment is designed with you in mind. Safe and sturdy, it will provide you with a new way to stay active and be healthy. The AqquaWALKING Treadmill is perfect for those who enjoy walking and running. If biking is more your style, be sure to check out the AqquaActive Bike Superior. The functional, state-of-the-art design makes it perfect for high-performance riders and novice riders alike. Strong suction cups and front and rear balance ensure maximum stability and safety. Startegically placed front wheels make for easy moving. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $79!