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Every Filter for Every Pool

Need a new pool filter or swimming pool filter parts? has you covered! We carry advanced filters from the best brands, including Hayward, Pentair, Jandy & THS. And, we carry filters of every style for every size pool, from backyard pools to commercial pools, both in-ground and above. To learn more, read about the different types of filters we carry, such as pool sand filters, below. Or, check the products themselves for greater details. All orders over $79 ship FREE! To shop for filter parts click

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TR50 Sand Filter TR50 Sand Filter
Our Price: $824.94

Types of Swimming Pool Filters

Cartridge Pool Filters
Cartridge Filters are filters that use a replaceable spun polyester cartridge. These cartridges can be cleaned by removing them and rinsing with a hose, using much less water than required to backwash a sand filter. A cartridge filter can remove solids as small as 30 microns from the water. Due to the high surface area on a cartridge filter, the back pressure on the pump is less causing. This results in less wear and tear on the pump. You may need to replace the pool filter cartridges periodically to keep it working efficiently..

Diatomaceous Earth Pool FIlters
Diatomaceous earth, or D.E., filters are the most efficient filters available, removing particles no wider than a human hair. Many people consider this filter the best filter due to its ability to remove such small solids from the water. Like a sand filter, when a D.E. filter gets dirty, it must be backwashed. You will also need to recharge it periodically by adding more diatomaceous earth to renew the filter.

Sand Pool Filters
Sand filters are very popular because they are simple, effective and require very little attention. Sand filters are usually less costly than other filter technologies, but they do not filter the smaller solids that cartridge and D.E. filters remove. Special sand (pool grade #20 silica) is required for sand filters. This sand has sharp edges, allowing the water to pass through. The sand filter must be periodically backwashed to remove trapped debris.
The Pool Guy Store offers all of these for every pool size.