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SR Smith MultiLift Pool Lift

The SR Smith MultiLift pool lift is a highly functional, versatile, ADA compliant portable pool lift that's ideal for allowing swimmers with mobility issues to easily enter and exit a swimming pool with minimal hassle and the utmost safety. The SR Smith MultiLift features a flange mount with four strong bolts that anchor it to the pool deck. It can, however, be easily moved in order to clear the pool area for various activities or to put away for storage when not in use. The optional Wheel-A-Way makes this possible.

With a 350-pound lifting capacity and the capability of being mounted to turn the user either left or right for pool entry, the MultiLift handicap pool lift can be ordered with a list of added options, including armrests, a folding seat, and a security lock with activation key to prevent unauthorized people from using the unit without permission. It comes equipped with the LiftOperator® Intelligent Control. This is the most advanced pool chair lift control out there. It features an emergency button for stopping the device any time there's a problem and a loud alarm that will notify attendants of a user who requires assistance. The MultiLift pool chair lift is great for residential and commercial pool use.

If you have any questions about the MultiLift, please contact us to speak with one of our experienced representatives. The SR Smith MultiLift qualifies for Free Shipping!

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