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SR Smith aXs Pool Lift Chair

Swimming is one of the very best, low-impact exercises for people of all fitness levels. It's particularly recommended for people with certain disabilities, especially for those with mobility challenges because of the weightless nature water provides. Getting in and out of the water, however, can be quite difficult, if not impossible, unless one has the use of a pool lift chair like the SR Smith aXs handicap pool lift featured here. The SR Smith pool chair lift is a battery-operated, low-profile piece of equipment that provides safe pool access, and because it is ADA compliant, it is approved for use in all residential, commercial and public pools.

This ADA compliant aXs pool lift features a waterproof hand control, allowing for full user operation without worry of causing damage to the unit. It has full rotation around a 360┬░ axis and stainless steel anchors for secure attachment to your pool deck. Still, the unit is easily removable for winter storage. It has a 300-pound lift capacity and is constructed from powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum. It comes complete with a 24-volt rechargeable battery with cover, seatbelt and footrest. Additional options include a locking security function with key and armrests.

If you have any questions about this pool lift, please contact us to speak to one of our experienced representatives. The SR Smith aXs pool lift qualifies for Free Shipping!

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