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Jandy Pool Pump Motors

Every swimming pool requires a pump that circulates the water and allows it to become filtered and cleaned. The strength of the motor needed will depend on the size of the pool. At The Pool Guy Store, we have a selection of Jandy pool pump motors for sale, as well as other Jandy pool pump motor parts. Thanks to their superior hydraulic performance, Jandy swimming pool pump motors run quietly and efficiently, topping most other competitors, and provide more power than ever before. The best part about Jandy pool pump motors is that they are designed to be energy efficient, which lowers running costs, saving you money. They are made to be user-friendly and are easy to maintain. All Jandy pool pump motors include:

  • Larger trap baskets
  • Quick connect unions
  • Ergonomic cam-lock lids

The Pool Guy Store is proud to offer complete Jandy pool pump motors, replacement motors, and motor parts for your individual needs. Please call 1-800-517-5384 to speak with one of our pool specialists if you have any questions or need help deciding exactly what you need. We offer free shipping on orders of $79 or more.