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Get Help with Your Commercial Pool Pump Selection

Regardless of whether you are designing your dream swimming pool or youíre making updates to an existing pool, one of the most important elements of your plan is finding the best commercial pool pump. Although you canít see most pumps, you will quickly become aware when something goes wrong. Investing in commercial swimming pool pumps that you can rely on is an essential part of the planning process.
A fully functional water pump properly filters and circulates the water in your pool. During this process, it sanitizes the water by mixing chemicals and removing debris. For your pool to remain in optimum condition, itís important to have a pump that operates effectively and efficiently. Whether you need a commercial pool pump replacement or building a brand new pool, finding the right size and specifications is a must! Many people think buying the biggest and most expensive pump is the best solution. However, with some pool pumps, bigger is not always better. Buying the wrong pump can result in serious problems, such as damaging the filtration system and creating unhealthy water conditions.
EQ Series Pump
High Performance Commercial Pump
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Strainer Trap  Complete Epoxy coated
Strainer Trap - Complete Epoxy coated
Our Price: $2,195.00

Complete Hair and Lint Strainer Pot - Epoxy coated
Pentair StaRite 20HP Commercial Self Priming 3 Phase Pump
Pentair Sta-Rite 20HP Commercial Self Priming 3 Phase Pump
Our Price: $5,070.00

20HP Sta-Rite Cast Iron Pump w/ Strainer 3 Phase 4x6 suction and Discharge. 230/460 Volt NSF 1.25 Service Factor Pumps up to 750 GPM
Especially designed for commercial and publicswimming pools and spas, aquatic facilities, water parks and fountain applications where high performance and self-priming are required. Pump has enclosed bronze impeller and standard 6 in. x 4 in. A.N.S.I. rated flange connections. The pump strainer (order separately) has capacity of 1,100 cubic inches. Both pump and strainer can be ordered with epoxy coated castings to provide additional performance and corrosion resistance.
Pentair Commercial C Series Pump 230 Volt single Phase 10 HP CM100
Pentair Commercial C Series Pump 230 Volt single Phase 10 HP CM-100
Our Price: $5,564.95

10HP "C" Series Bronze Pump 230 Volt  Single Phase w/ Strainer
Buying the wrong size pump can also result in wasted money. Running a pool pump that is too large will increase your energy usage and costs. If you donít know where to start when looking for your next pool pump, we are here to help you.
The Pool Guy Store takes pool products seriously. Through our extensive experience in the industry, we can help you find the best products for your pool needs, at a price you can afford. Because your pump is one of the most important products for your pool, we want to make sure you receive the exact item you need. Contact The Pool Guy Store to discuss your pool and we will help you sort through the choices.