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Discover THS Series Sand Filters and Save

Pentair THS Series High Performance Horizontal Sand Filters are designed for use in commercial pools and spas of all sizes. Compared to other filters, Pentair’s THS Series models are easy to install, operate and maintain for years of reliable service.

Features of the THS Series Sand Filter Models

    The THS Series offers some of the most reliable sand filter pool pumps on the market. Top features include:
  • NSF-approved 50-PSI rated tank
  • Flows at a rate of up to 535 gallons a minute
  • Surface is protected by water-based, eco-friendly Paracote® coating
  • Comes in 5 different sizes up to 27 sq. ft.
  • Easy maintenance with lateral V-slots that allow for self-cleaning
  • Filter shell constructed with composite laminate and designed to eliminate the need for winding
  • Easy access Manway, viewport optional
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual backwash systems

Get Your Pool Filter Sand Replacement Parts for Less

We currently offer five THS Series models for anyone looking to replace or change sand pool filter components. As an authorized dealer of Pentair pool products we are able to uphold any manufacturer warranty and our customers are guaranteed to get authentic products in new condition.

Because we’re The Pool Guy Store you know you’re getting the best price possible on these exceptional sand filter pool pumps. We’ll even give you Free Shipping for bigger savings!

For more information and technical specifications including sizing information More Information

Product Model Description Effective Filtration Area Flow Rate (15GPM/SQ FT) 8 Hour Turn Over Capacity (In Gallons) Filter Media Pea Gravel Required (Lbs) Filter Media Sand Required (Lbs) All Sand Required (Lbs) Carton Wt. (Lbs)
143461 THS3461 THS 34 in. x 61 in. 13.5 203 97,440 300 1250 1550 550
143484 THS3484 THS 34 in. x 84 in. 19.0 285 136,800 600 1350 1950 610
144272 THS4272 THS 42 in. x 72 in. 19.7 295 141,600 500 2100 2600 650
144284 THS4284 THS 42 in. x 84 in. 23.2 348 167,040 600 2400 3000 725
144296 THS4296 THS 42 in. x 96 in. 26.7 400 192,000 700 2800 3500 800
Product Description
156400 Single THS semi-automatic controller 6 in. FP
156450 Dual THS semi-automatic controller 6 in. FP
156800 Dual THS autobackwash controller
156850 Single THS autobackwash controller
Product Description Model Description
140325 Adder kit for third THS Filter 2 155703 Kit-THS3461, single tank manifold, with diaphragm valve kit
156100 Temperature probe kit 4 155721 THS dual 34 in. dia. 6 in. FP kit with diaphragm valves
156150 Flowmaster saddle kit 4 155723 Kit-THS3461, dual tank manifold, with diaphragm valve kit
155700 Kit-THS3461, single tank manifold, with diaphragm valve kit 155730 THS dual 42 in. dia. 6 in FP Kit with diaphragm valves
155702 THS single tank manifold kit with butterfly valves 3 155800 WA-KIT wedge anchor kit 1
155720 THS dual 34 in. dia. 6 in. FP kit with diaphragm valves 155850 BVA-KIT 1/2 in. ball valve adapter kit for manual air relief 1
155722 Kit-THS3461, single tank manifold, with butterfly valve kit 3 155705 Manway with Viewport upgrade
155701 Kit-THS3461, dual tank manifold, with diaphragm valve kit 155706 Manway with Viewport Retrofit Kit

1: One each per tank purchased if required
2: Adder Kit provides 6 in., SCH 80 manifold piping, fittings and hardware for the addition of a third THS filter of equal diameter only when #155720 Dual-Filter Butterfly Valve Face Piping Kit is used. Note: Using a 6 in. Schedule 80 plumbing kit with flows in excess of 812 GPM exceeds the maximum water velocity recommended in ANSI/NSPI-1 2003 Standard for Public Swimming Pools. For higher flows, summary calculations should be provided to show that the greater flow is possible with the pump and piping provided.
3: Does not require a purchase of a controller.
4: Only used with controller option and piping provided.