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Valve Actuators for Swimming Pools

If you use an automated pool system, you’ll want to invest in a pool valve actuator. A pool valve actuator connects to a diverter valve to allow pre-programmed, automated water features to function without assistance. These valve actuators provide control over two- and three-way diverter valves for pools, spas, and many other unique water features. Jandy and Pentair valve actuators are two of the most popular selections in our inventory and they both work seamlessly with bi-directional motors. They are also incredibly dependable, offering many years of reliable use and performance.

An electric water valve actuator:

  • Works with a number of features including waterfalls, jets, and fountains.
  • When attached to a diverter valve, an electrical valve actuator provides automatic pre-programmed switches of the water from one feature to another. Unlike humans, they always turn the valves back when done - this eliminates worries of costly damage.

All of our actuators make even the most complicated plumbing arrangements hassle-free. For help choosing a new or replacement pool valve actuator, call 1-800-517-5384 to speak with one of our experienced representatives.

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