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Pool Skimmer Baskets

Skimmer baskets are an essential part of the cleaning system in any pool. Without a functioning pool skimmer basket, dirt and debris would wind up stuck in the pool pump or filter, potentially leading to the need for costly repairs. Make sure that your pool skimmer stays working the way it should with pool skimmer basket replacements from The Pool Guy Store.

You'll find baskets for both above ground and inground pools from brands like Admiral, Bermuda and Pentair that are made to fit your specific skimmer. It's important to replace the basket with the same make and model or else it may not fit properly. Emptying the basket regularly will also ensure that it continues to do its job, keeping your pool clean and free from unsightly clutter.

When your inground pool skimmer basket is kept in good condition, you don't have to worry about excess maintenance. Instead, you can jump in and enjoy the water or sit back and soak up the sun while your pool cleaning system does its job. Above ground pool skimmer baskets offer the same peace of mind for above ground pool owners, allowing you to center your pool time on relaxation rather than chores.

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Hayward Skimmer Basket B203 475 inch
Hayward Skimmer Basket B-203 4.75 inch
Our Price: $4.74

Skimmer Basket 51 8INx3IN SPX1096CA
Skimmer Basket 5-1/8INx3IN SPX1096CA
Our Price: $7.44

Skimmer Basket 5-1/8INx3IN SPX1096CA
Pentair Skimmer Basket FAS100 Skim
Pentair Skimmer Basket FAS100 Skim
Our Price: $7.95

Hayward B9 Skimmer Basket
Hayward B-9 Skimmer Basket
Our Price: $11.50

Skimmer Basket w  Handle Admiral 85014500
Skimmer Basket w/ Handle (Admiral) 85014500
Our Price: $15.95

Skimmer Basket w/ Handle (Admiral) 85014500
Basket Only Pentair Pool Products 850001S10 Aladdin B37
(Basket Only) Pentair Pool Products 850001-S-10, Aladdin B-37
Our Price: $16.95

Pentair Skimmer Basket Bermuda
Pentair Skimmer Basket (Bermuda)
Our Price: $17.95


Pentair Skimmer Basket Assembly with Handle
Pentair Skimmer Basket Assembly with Handle
Our Price: $17.95

Optimus Skimmer Basket with stemSKIMPRO F HAY1070PFJACSR SQAMPR  8 1 4 inch wide
Optimus Skimmer Basket with stem,SKIMPRO F/HAY1070,PF,JAC,SR/SQ,AMPR 8 1/4 inch wide
Our Price: $23.30

This easy to remove easy to clean virtually clog proof w/ stem Bermuda skimmer basket fits the following skimmers
Hayward 1070 series
American w/flap weir
Jacuzzi Deckmate
Bermuda Skimmer 2 Slip Ports White  Concrete
Bermuda Skimmer 2" Slip Ports- White Concrete
Our Price: $109.20

White Bermuda Skimmer 2" Slip Ports - Pentair Concrete Application