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Automating Your Pool Environment with Pool Controls

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control the total environment of your outdoor pool experience with a click of a button? From basic above ground pools to luxurious outdoor getaways, we can help you kick it up a notch with automatic pool controls.
Pool control systems are used to conveniently control several of your spa and pool functions from inside of your home. Common functions that these products perform include:
  • Turning pool lights off and on
  • Increasing or decreasing water temperature
  • Monitoring water flow
  • Maintaining water safety
Swimming pool control systems are not only convenient to use, they also ensure that your pool remains in optimum shape. By having the remote capability to monitor water conditions and flow, you can quickly make adjustments when something needs your attention.

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Pool Accessibility with Handicap Pool Lifts

Let’s face it, pool and spa control is becoming more and more complex. As products advance, they become more complicated and time consuming to monitor on a regular basis. Who has time to tweak and adjust all of those knobs and switches all day long?
If you are like most pool owners, you want your outdoor space to be a place of rest and relaxation. Having pool controls in place takes the complexity out of maintaining your spa’s health. With a push of a button, from the comfort of your home, you can ensure everything is running properly. Then when it’s time to jump in, you can thoroughly enjoy the experience!
If you are looking to invest in a swimming pool control system, The Pool Guy Store wants to help. We are experts in the pool world and want to ensure that you receive the best product for your pool and spa needs. Take some time to explore our control options and if you have any questions along the way, we are ready to help!