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1 A16 All-Purpose Bag Details
2 C40 Screw, 10-32 x 3/8" SS Pan Head (10) Details
3 A5 Top Details
4 A20 Float, Head Details
5 9-100-3105 Sweep Host Scrubber Details
6 B25 Orifice Tip w/Orifice Tip Guard Details
7 B5 Sweep Hose Complete Details
8 B10 Wear Rings (8) Details
9 B15 Sweep Hose Attach Clamp Details
10 B20 Adjustment Screw, Sweep Hose Details
11 C66 Axle, Large with Sand/Gravel Guard (2) Details
12 C75 Screw/Nut,10-32 x 7/8" SSPan Head (6) Details
13 C45 Polaris 180 Lock Washer for C-36 (7) Details
14 C70 Axle Plate for C65/C66 (3) Details
15 C60 Polaris 180 Ball Bearing, Wheels, sold each (use 2 per wheel) Details
16 C6 Wheel, Large No Bearings Included. (3) Details
17 C10 Tire, MaxTrax (3) Details
18 C64 Wheel Washer, Plastic (4) Details
19 C55 Wheel Screw, Plastic (4) Details
20 C65 Axle, Large (Rear Wheel Only) Details
21 C131 Thrust Jet Kit Details
22 C16 Polaris 180 Idler Wheel, White Details
23 C30 Screw, 4-40 x 3/16" SS Pan Head Details
24 C32 Screw, 6-32 x 1/2" SS Pan Head Details
25 C25 Spring for C-36 Details
26 C36 Swing Axle Kit Details
27 A10 Base with Bracket Details
28 C145 Frame
29 C80 Ball Bearings, Turbine (2) Details
30 C83 Turbine Shaft Tubes Details
31 C86 Drive Shaft Assembly Details
32 A40 Turbine Shaft Shield Details
33 A30 Screw, #10 x 1/2" SS Pan Head (5) Details
34 9-100-7170 Hose Clamp for WMS (2) Details
35 C120 Hose for C110, 7-1/2" Details
36 C115 Elbow for C110 or Feed Mast Tube 2 Details
37 C110 Turbine Cover with Elbow Details
38 10-112-00 Restrictor Disks, Red and Blue Details
39 6-500-00 Universal Wall Fitting (UWF) Details
40 9-100-9001 UWF Connector Assembly Details
41 10-108-00 UWF Restrictor Kit Details
42 6-504-00 Filter Screen, UWF/QD Details
43 6-505-00 O-Ring, UWF/QD Details
44 9-100-9002 Pressure Relief Valve, Black Details
45 D29 Quick Disconnect (QD), UWF Details
46 D15 Nut, Feed Hose (10) Details
47 Adapter Hose, 8-1/2"
48 D20 Swivel, Ball Bearing (3) Details
49 D10 Float, Feed Hose (9) Details
50 D45 Feed Hose, 10 Ft (2) Details
51 D50 Feed Hose, Leader, 10 Ft Details
52 G52 Back-up Valve Kit Details
53 G54 Case Kit for G52 Details
54 G57 Collar, Back-up Valve Details
55 G53 Mechanism for G52 Details
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Polaris Vac Sweep 180 Pool Cleaner Parts

The Polaris Vac Sweep 180 pool cleaner makes pool maintenance easier with automatic operation powered by double jets and a separate booster pump. Without this tool, getting your inground pool clean is a much bigger job. Polaris 180 pool cleaner parts get your pool vac back up and running if it happens to break down. That means you can get back to enjoying your pool after installing Polaris 180 replacement parts and letting the unit do a full cleaning, a job which usually takes less than three hours.

Don't settle for substandard parts when fixing your pool cleaner. Polaris 180 pool vacuum genuine replacement parts ensure that you get the best possible operation from the unit without the concerns sometimes associated with aftermarket parts. From collar kits and filter screens, to wheels and screws, The Pool Guy Store has the Polaris 180 vacuum parts you need to make your Polaris cleaner run like new again. With a built-in filter bag to catch debris including rocks and leaves, the Polaris vac makes overall maintenance a breeze! Get genuine Polaris Vac Sweep 180 parts from The Pool Guy Store and enjoy the ease of using an automatic pool vacuum.