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Find Pentair Pool Pumps, Motors and Replacement Parts

Pentair is one of the leading pool products providers in the world. Both pool professionals and pool owners turn to Pentair pool motors and products to keep their water fresh, clean and easier to maintain.

Pentair Pool Pump Motor Replacement Parts

Whenever you need a single part rather than an entire system Pentair pool replacement parts have you covered. One part that commonly needs to be replaced is the pump motor. Pentair pool pump motor replacement options vary in several regards:
  • Single speed or two speed motors
  • 1/2 to 3 horsepower
  • 60 Hz or 50 Hz
  • Voltage
There are dozens of Pentair pool replacement parts to choose from depending on the size of your pool and your individual system. If saving money on your electric bills is a high priority, you’ll be happy to learn that many Pentair pool motors are energy efficient and meet NEMA energy efficiency standards. Find out exactly which Pentair pool motor will work best for you by calling The Pool Guy at 1-800-517-5384 or by sending us an email at [email protected].

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