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The Watermatic Pro System D-6 is a Dichlor Chlorine Feeder with an ORP pH controller that assures ideal sanitizing levels using granular dichlor. If desired, pH control can be easily added. The system will adjust chlorination levels automatically in response to a variety of changing conditions that can make pool and spa care challenging. Exact dosing insures bather protection and reduces costs.
• Clean, clear, safe swimming pool water seven days a week
• Ideal for commercial spas, keeps up with demand
• Efficient use of chemicals
• Easy to install, operate and maintain
• Feeder NSF listed, Health Dept. approved for commercial applications
• ORP and pH control
• Toll-free technical assistance and nationwide field support from Polaris
• Five-year limited warranty on controller
The Dichlor Advantage
• pH neutral – makes water balance easy and safe for pool equipment
• Concentrated – uses less chemicals more efficiently
• Dissolves quickly with no residue
• Safe for vinyl pools
• No scaling or cloudy water
• Safe and easy to transport, longer storage life
• Safe for all pool/spa finishes, including vinyl