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Jandy Levolor LX2 Water Level Sensor & Parts

The Jandy Levolor low-water detector is the perfect add-on for swimming pools and spas where the loss of water from splashing and/or evaporation is a concern and the desire to automate pool maintenance is present. The Levolor LX2 water level sensor monitors water levels and can automatically restore them to a desired, pre-set level. It can easily be installed on either new or existing pool or spa equipment without any required modifications and is waterproofed, making it suitable for installation in humid environments such as the pool mechanical room.

The Levolor LX2 swimming pool auto fill system is available in your choice of 110-volt and 220-volt and includes a static, pipe-mount controller, dual-style sensor and one-inch valve. Lead wires come in a variety of lengths from 20' up to 200'. The Levolor pool water level detector and leveler is designed to detect low water levels and to replenish the water to a previously set level. A built-in time sequence function guards against over filling. The system contains no moving parts and feature an easy-to-read LED display that notes current equipment status. In addition to complete Levolor systems, you'll also find Jandy Levolor LX2 parts, so you can easily replace a single part rather than replacing the entire system.

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