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Hayward Salt & Swim 3C Chlorine Generator

The Hayward Salt & Swim 3C derived its name from the "three Cs of salt chlorination," which are convenience, comfort and cost. The convenience of a Hayward Salt & Swim pool salt chlorinator lies in its ability to automatically convert common salt into chlorine. Carrying heavy jugs or buckets of chlorine to the pool, measuring, mixing, and dispensing are all eliminated with a Hayward Salt & Swim pool salt chlorinator system. The comfort is provided by soft, silky water that uses a more natural approach to pool sanitation. It eliminates the red eyes commonly associated with chlorination, as well as the harsh odor that is so pervasive with traditional methods of pool chlorination.

The third "C" is cost, and this feature is consistent whether the Salt & Swim 3C spa chlorine generator or pool chlorinator is selected. Average users can slash their chlorination costs by as much as 50 percent! A single Salt & Swim chlorine generator cell converts up to 200 pounds of 100% available chlorine. This is equivalent to 571 pounds of lithium hypochlorite, 333 pounds of Dichlor, 308 pounds of calcium hypochlorite or 225 pounds of Trichlor. For those using liquid chlorine, the equivalency is 208 gallons weighing more than one ton. Buy the Hayward Salt & Swim 3C from The Pool Guy Store and save money with our discounted prices and free shipping offer available on orders of $79 or more!

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