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Discover Emerson Pool Pumps, Motors & Replacement Parts

With over 100 years of experience making motors, you know you’re getting quality and craftsmanship when you buy Emerson pool pump motors. You’ll also get an energy efficient motor that meets NEMA premium efficiency standards and cuts down on operation costs. This full line of new, technologically advanced Emerson Pool Pumps & Emerson Spa Pump Motors are as easy to install as they are powerful. Backed by a stringent testing process, Emerson pool pump motors perform consistently in a variety of pool & spa applications.

How to Choose an Emerson Pool Pump Motor

One of the major failure modes for motors is the misapplication of the motor to a particular pump. When selecting between Emerson pool pump motors you will need to know six important pieces of information:
  • Pump Mounting (ie. Square Flange, C-Flange, etc.)
  • Horsepower
  • Service Factor
  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Phase
Most of this information can be obtained from the motor nameplate. Always ensure that the total of horsepower times service factor of your new Emerson pool or Emerson spa pump motor is equal to or greater than the total of horsepower times service factor of the original motor. Need help figuring out which replacement Emerson spa pump or pool pump to order? Call The Pool Guy at 1-800-517-5384 or send us an email at [email protected].

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