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Monitor Swimming Pools with PH Controllers & Automated Controls

A swimming pool controller provides continuous automatic testing of pH and ORP levels to determine when additional amounts of chemicals are needed to maintain a safe chemical balance in a pool. The swimming pool pH controller can provide a more consistent chemical balance due to the slow release of chemicals that are only added as they are needed and as the pool conditions change. This improves the quality of the water and reduces wear and tear on equipment caused by chemical spikes.

Automated Pool Controls and Products

Automated pool products should be a part of every pool maintenance system. They protect your investment and ensure that your pool is ready to be safely enjoyed all year round. All automated pool controls have a unique design and special features, however they are made up of several key components:
  • Sensors
  • Display with digital meter
  • Flow cell
  • Locking mechanism
  • Alert system
To complete the system, a chemical feeder and peristaltic pump might be required. Ready for a worry-free, perfectly regulated pool? If you need help figuring out which swimming pool controller to order call The Pool Guy at 1-800-517-5384 or send us an email at [email protected].

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