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Discover Discount CAT Controllers

The Chemical Automation Technologies (CAT) line of commercial and residential swimming pool chemical controllers offers simple control of your swimming pool’s pH and sanitizer levels. CAT controllers operate off of a microprocessor controlled proportional feed system that continuously monitors your pool water, making adjustments as needed. This saves you money on pool chemicals, as you no longer have chemical spikes when chemicals are added all at once.

How CAT Controls Work

CAT controllers control the pH as either a base feed system or as an acid feed system with a simple field programming change. CAT controllers also regulate the sanitizer levels in the pool by taking measurement of the Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP. This reading will vary when compared to your test kit ppm reading, however CAT controls are far more effective tools as they register the actual effectiveness of the chlorine in the pool water.

Controller Options From Chemical Automation Technologies

From the most basic CAT1000 to top-of-the-line CAT5000 model there is a CAT controller for every situation. Consumers can choose from both automated and wireless CAT controls as well as a variety of specialized CAT controller parts.
The CAT1000 controller is designed with only a single control built specifically for the residential market.
The CAT2000 controller advanced control features include a proportional chemical feed system with a control accuracy of +/- 0.1 pH.
The CAT Professional Series pH Senor of the CAT4000 controller allows you to remotely monitor your system online and receive alerts via email, text message or phone.
The CAT5000 controller is the most advanced model that includes online data logging satellite communications.
With a CAT controller on your pool you can rest assured that your pool’s pH and sanitizer levels are in good hands.

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