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Firebowls and Fire Pit Accessories

The Pool Guy Store carries an extensive selection of firebowls and outdoor fire pit tables including Grand Effects, an uncompromisingly top-end designer of fire and water features that go hand-in-hand with swimming pools, patios and outdoor entertaining. A beautiful patio fire bowl is a must-have for pool parties and outdoor entertaining. Our collection includes both gas and propane fire pits built from concrete or copper, which ever you would prefer.

Firebowls keep the party going long after the sun sets by providing a warm and inviting place for your guests to gather. We also offer all of the fire pit accessories you need in order to outfit and customize your outdoor space including LED light bars, lounges, drink tables and firebowl screens. The Pool Guy Store offers free shipping on every order of $79 or more!

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60” x 17” tan outdoor concrete Biltmore fire pit with small legs 42” dark brown 360 degree copper Biltmore fire pit over water with small legs
Biltmore 60" x 17H Fire Pit Concrete Grand Effects Biltmore 42" 360 degree Fire/Water Bowl Copper
48” outdoor large brown 360 degree Essex fire pit over water 43” x 17” outdoor copper table top Caldera fire pit
Grand Effects 48 Inch essex 360 degree Fire/water Bowl Concrete. Grand Effects Caldera 43" x 17" H FirePit Copper
Grand Effects Firebowls WT-1 Grand Effects Firebowls FPCOP48ESS
Grand Effects Wall Torch Powder Coated Am, Silver or Black. Essex 48" x 15"H Fire Pit Copper
Grand Effects Firebowl, Firepit FPCOP40GC Grand Effects Firepit Firebowl FPCOP45CIELO
Grand Effects 40" 17"H Grand Corithian Fire Pit Copper Grand Effects Cielo 45" x 17H Firepit Copper
Grand Effects Firepits FPCON42GC Grand Effects Firebowls FPCON48ESS
Grand Effects 42" Grand Corithian Fire Pit Concrete Complete Grand effects 48" x 15"H Fire Pit Concrete.
Grand Effects Firebowls FPCON42BILT Grand Effects Firepit Firebowl FPCON42LEG
Biltmore 42" Fire Pit Concrete Complete. Legacy 42" x 18H FirePit Concrete Complete.
Grand effects Firebowl FBSCOPFWESS-1 Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCOPFWCOR-1 Copper
Grand Effects Essex 31 inch Fire/Water Bowl. Copper Corithian 29 Inch Fire and Water Bowl, Copper.  Perfect for poolside setting.
Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCONFWLEG24x36-1 Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCONFWCOR-1
Grand Effects Legacy Fire/Water bowl 24"ODx36 H. Concrete. Corithian 30 inch Concrete Fire/Water Bowl.
Grand effects, Firebowls LBMAN120-10 Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCONFWLEG30x12 Concrete
Grand Effects Line Burner, 120 "  with 128"x 10" Support Plate (Manual) Grand Effects Legacy Fire/Water Bowl 30"OD x 12" H  Concrete
Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCONFWBILT-1 Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCONFW31ESS-1
Grand Effects Biltmore 32 inch Fire/Water Bowl Concrete Essex 31 inch Grand Effects Fire/Water Bowl
Grand Effects Firebowls LBMAN108-10 Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCOPESS-1
Essex 31 Inch Copper Firebowl
Our Price: $3,900.00
Grand Effects 108" Line Burner with 116" x 10" Support ( Manual) Grand Effects Essex 31 Inch Firebowl. Copper
Grand Effects Firebowl LBMAN96-10 Grand Effects Firebowl FBSCOPTUS-1
Grand Effects Line Burner 96" with 104"x10" Support Plate (Manual) Grand Effects 31 Inch Tuscano Firebowl  in Copper